Hello world!

Hello world? Hello world, indeed. 

    I’ve been here one week now and am getting into the groove. It’s early fall in the southern hemisphere and the nights are drawing in. The cool, cloudy weather with frequent rain is what I expected, along with the wind – which hasn’t relaxed once since I arrived. I’m very, very glad I invested in the installation of a couple of wind turbines. Money well spent!
   The first evening was spooky once darkness fell. There are just the two of us here and we spent most of the evening looking at each other in alarm at the slightest sound from outside. We kept reminding ourselves that we are alone on the island and that there are almost no humans between us and the Antarctic land mass – and that the wind makes all kinds of noises, especially around buildings – but we remained tense.
   It didn’t help that it was a quiet evening at Alene’s end. She put on a podcast and I closed my eyes to listen with her. It was an episode of Mysterious Universe and went into some of the bizarre things that have allegedly happened in places like Cannock Chase, England and Sedona, Arizona. It just made me all the more nervous. Meanwhile, Allen had taken to his bunk to listen to something on his iPod.
   I let Alene hear the podcast all the way through but suggested that she make more considered choices while I am here.
   It was nice to retire to bed. My bunk is very comfortable and the cabin is very snug. Alene has all of MASH on DVD so we watched a couple of episodes before going to sleep. MASH has never failed us!

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