Synchronizing Sunrise

I have left my wrist watch and electronic devices on Seattle time so that I can keep my day reasonably synchronized with Alene’s schedule. We are using Puerto Williams in southern Chile as our local time reference. Alene has added Puerto Williams to her list of cities in the Living Earth app on her iPhone – so she can have a rough idea of when sunrise and sunset happen relative to Seattle time. We’re actually just four hours apart, so it’s not like we’d be bothering each other in the middle of the night. When we were first together, we handled the five hour difference between the UK and the eastern USA with no problem.

Presently, sunrise here is about two hours earlier than in Seattle, so this morning, I woke up a couple of hours before Alene. The view of the insides of her eyeballs while she sleeps is not very interesting, so I used the time to clean up the galley kitchen and pack up garbage to walk down to the storage facility later on. I waited until Alene was up to make breakfast so that we could enjoy our oatmeal together. We considered how sunrise would be changing as we approach the solstice and realized that our sunrises will be converging in time over the next few weeks – getting earlier in Seattle and later here – and we will end up waking up together. By then, of course, sunset here will be happening around midday Seattle time – but I will enjoy watching summer afternoons from afar as I sip on instant hot chocolate.

Allen spent today fussing over what to read. He has enough titles on his Nook to keep him busy for many years – perhaps even for the rest of his life as he’s a bit of a slow reader:) He insists he’s finally going to read War And Peace, but I don’t see that happening.

Myself, I’m intent on reading another classic that has beaten me at every attempt – George Eliot’s Middlemarch. It’s supposed to be her masterpiece, but it beats the heck out of me why! The smug martyrdom of Dorothea Brooke always ends up pissing me off. I’ve always joked I’d have to spend a prolonged period of time someplace really boring to read Middlemarch all the way through.

We’ll see!


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