Coffee matters

As we (Allen and I) prepared for this lengthy stay at the bottom of the world, we had to set priorities – and be sensible. But one thing we were not going to do without was coffee. We did bring a big supply of beans and a grinder. We did not bring a coffee maker, but have one of those reusable cone filters that sits over a pot and we just pour boiling water over the grinds.

If you can add boiling water to it, you can bet your last dollar we brought it with us! We even have some of those Starbucks Via instant lattes. We’re having a vanilla flavored one right now. By “we” I mean Allen, Alene and me. Alene is not too thrilled, but Allen and I haven’t had fresh milk in two weeks now – so it tastes pretty good to us. 

I made Alene buy a new coffee mug today. She’s been carrying the same one for almost four years now:


That picture was taken a year ago, and the mug now has even more scratches and dings on it. You don’t want to see the inside!

Today, as Alene was fixing her after-work coffee at an indie coffee shop, I made her examine some coffee mugs on display on the shelf above the counter. I talked her into buying one of these:


Alene was bothered by its small size – only 8oz, i.e. a short. But I made her realize the two shots of espresso will taste better for not being drowned in so much water. She also has a bad habit of getting comfortable with her MacBook and the WiFi and getting lost in something on the internet – something I didn’t mind when I was in the midst of civilization myself. But now my only entertainment is what I see through her eyes – and I’d rather watch what’s going on in Seattle. So I’m hoping that a shorter cup of coffee will curtail that habit. Besides, she can always go back for a refill!

Alene had a very busy day, which is why we had to take a break from telling the story of how we connected in 1999. We’ll get back to that over the weekend.


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