One hundred years on

According to the Living Earth app on Alene’s iPhone, Puerto Williams is now only three hours ahead of Seattle – must have put the clocks back for the winter.

But I’m not worrying about time. I like to follow Alene’s schedule and that will get easier as we get into the dark of winter. This morning we had breakfast together – a piece of lemon-poppyseed cake and a cup of tea. Can’t beat it!

Once Alene was on her bus to work, she cued up a podcast installment of South and I took a post-breakfast lie down to listen with her. Quite a lovely experience – listening to an account of the Endurance battling her way through the Weddell Sea pack ice – and the crew welcoming in the New Year of 1915.

And here we are in 2015! Alene is enjoying a morning coffee stop and writing this out to post to our blog before she goes to work. Then Allen and I are going to do some housekeeping here and take a walk. 

We have a rather nice day down here near Cape Horn:)


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