Shared senses

I must admit that I have the better half of the deal in this relationship. When I close my eyes, I see through Alene’s eyes and hear through her ears. Sometimes it feels like I’m inside her body instead of mine, although I lack the three other senses. It’s the ultimate fly-on-the-wall experience – viewing her world through a real-life webcam!

Unfortunately for her, Alene does not have the same capability. Her only sensations of my world come from touch, taste and smell — and these are very subtle senses that are easily over-ridden. For example, the tastebuds are easily fooled by what the eyes see. You can make a gelatin dessert that has no flavor at all, but if you add red food coloring, most people will fancy it tastes of strawberry or raspberry, whereas if the color is orange, so will be the flavor perceived.

However, Alene does manage to share some of my sensual experiences. If I’m enjoying my food, she can suddenly feel as though she’s eating too. Once she was distracted at work by the taste of peach cobbler and had to stop what she was doing to enjoy it! Then she interrogated me about it! And if she’s drinking cheap wine while I’m enjoying something superior, she can enjoy the taste of my better wine.

A few nights ago, I went outside to get some air and see if any stars were out. (There’s no light pollution down here at the end of South America.) It was cold and windy and if I’d been serious about staying out any length of time, I would have gone back for a warm coat. But I was curious to see if Alene would notice the temperature change — and she did indeed. She suddenly felt chilly and pulled on a sweatshirt — and then turned on the heat for a while. She guessed what I’d done, and she’s hoping that it will work during summer heatwaves, when her un-air-conditioned apartment is stifling — and I’m in the dead of winter down under. If I pop outside every half hour, perhaps it will help her stay cool.

The best thing is being able to caress her from a distance. If I stroke my own cheek with my fingers, she has the dual sensation of me stroking her cheek while at the same time stroking mine. I can hold my hands together so that it feels to her like we are holding hands — and I get her attention first by stroking my (her) wrist. Right now I am examining my beard — and she knows that it’s a bit of a mess because I haven’t trimmed it since I’ve been here. Allen just offered to have me stroke his beard so that she can feel it too — but I told him to piss off! Unlike me, he was clean-shaven on arrival so his beard hasn’t yet deteriorated to the unkempt appearance.

When we go to bed, Alene feels like she’s snuggled in my arms. Bedtime is the best part of the day — for both of us.

Tonight she took a walk before dinner and I enjoyed it from the comfort of my bunk. This picture she took along the way is not unlike views I saw earlier today as I took my walk!



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