Someone’s sitting in my chair

Alene is in downtown Seattle this morning. Later on, she will join one of the Jane’s Walks that are happening, but the first order of the day after getting off the bus has to be coffee — of course.

I suggested the Cherry Street Coffee House — the one that actually IS on Cherry Street.  This is one Alene rarely goes by, but has come to be my very favorite when I’m in town. Allen likes the couch, but when I’m alone, this is my favorite table:

Alene made a beeline for it without me needing to say anything. Looking at the empty chair across from her, she fancied she could see an open newspaper! I need to explain this.

The reason Allen prefers the couch is that he likes to read the old-fashioned print copy of the Seattle Times — and he likes to open it fully as opposed to folding it inside out and then in half again. The man takes up a lot of space with his newspaper! But if the couch is taken, then we sit at the little table in the nook — with his open newspaper taking up most of it!

Even though Alene can not see directly through my eyes, she is able “see” visions in my mind. See often “sees” an image of Allen lying on his bunk reading — because that’s a sight I take in many hours a day. (He can’t be handy all the time.)

Anyway, as she/I looked across at the other chair, I remembered the sight of Allen behind his newspaper — and Alene got a sense of it too.



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