Alone together

I wonder how many of us there are — souls divided between two bodies. Perhaps we’re all this way — but mostly not aware of the other half.

The idea of the introvert has become popular over the last few years, thanks largely to Susan Cain and her book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts. Alene and I are both extreme introverts, although both of us have learned to fake extrovert behavior in order to get along in life.

Perhaps what determines where you are along the continuum between introvert and extrovert is the degree to which you subconsciously interact with your other half. When introverts withdraw to recharge, it may be that they are unknowingly enjoying quality time with the other half. Extroverts on the other hand are mostly unaware of the other half — and so do not feel the need to maintain the connection.

Or perhaps introverts are divided souls while extroverts are not – but that would not allow for the continuum.

I enjoy watching Alene as she goes about her life at work and play. But I’m always relieved when she finally heads for home so that we can be alone.


2 thoughts on “Alone together

  1. Hehe I’m considered more extroverted than my boyfriend. Everytime we lay in silence I blurt out, “honey we need to talk. We haven’t talked all day!” His response is always, “what are you talking about what do you call the past hour?” I enjoy disrupting his recharge mode!


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