MASH at bedtime

One thing I didn’t bother buying for my flat was a TV set. I bought a small radio so that I could have something on in the morning while Alene was still sleeping, but I wasn’t too particular about what I listened to and only bothered changing the station when poor reception made annoying sounds.

When I got home from work, I usually had something to eat and then lay down on my bed to see how Alene’s day was going. She was a college professor and taught a heavy class load — but she was usually done with lecturing by two in the afternoon (seven my time.) However, there were still office hours to be held and meetings to attend. I told you how much I love watching meetings. It’s very different watching a meeting that you’re not actually part of — knowing you can switch off your attention whenever you wish. But faculty meetings were always entertaining! I got to know her colleagues rather well. I enjoyed the students also and made sure to tune into Alene’s classes whenever I had a chance.

Once Alene was home, I had one last cup of tea and some custard cremes before getting ready for bed properly.

Custard cremes. Wish I had some right now. We’ve got a big supply of tea bags and I’m getting used to canned milk in tea. We thought about bringing cookies — but Allen was worried we would just eat them all in the first month. He’s probably right too. So we decided we would bring the ingredients to make indulgent snacks as opposed to bringing them ready to eat. Besides, baking would give us something to do. We make that lemon-poppyseed cake every other day and it’s nothing short of marvelous with tea. But I could still go for some custard cremes. Alene stopped at Trader Joes on the way home this afternoon and she has a tub of their Triple Ginger Snaps. I’m a bit envious, but Alene just reminded me of the bannock cakes that Shackleton’s party had to make do with. OK. Enough with the custard cremes.

Anyway, once in bed I usually enjoyed a couple of hours of TV with Alene. The TV was always on in her house, although she wasn’t necessarily watching it. If was often tuned to the Weather Channel or MSNBC — just for company. At six o’clock her time we watched the World News on BBC America, but after that we mainly watched sitcoms while playing the word game on her Psion handheld computer. At seven, there were two back-to-back episodes of MASH on one channel and by the time the second one was over, it was finally getting dark where Alene was.

And dark was good. Because dark meant that she could give herself permission to go to bed also. And we could go to sleep — together.

It’s almost nine in Seattle and it’s finally getting dark. It’s been dark where I am for almost seven hours. Allen has already gone to sleep. I’m enjoying that last cup of tea and a piece of lemon-poppyseed cake before bed. Alene just has to finish and publish this post — and then we will retire to our respective beds in our respective hemispheres and time zones — and enjoy a few MASH episodes on TV — happy to have one more day behind us.


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