Election night special

Yes, it’s election night in the UK — and I’m getting a loud buzzing sound in my ear. Alene has had the BBC World Service on, but given the remarkable results projected, we thought we’d better switch over to BBC Radio 4. It is gratifying to hear that the Official Monster Raving Loony Party is still fielding candidates…..

Allen has no interest whatsoever in UK politics, so I haven’t bothered relaying much to him — other than the bit about Paddy Ashdown eating his hat. He was more interested in the OneBusAway outage that hit the Seattle afternoon commute. As Alene was getting ready to leave work, she checked OneBusAway for the status of her homeward bus, but the page wouldn’t load. So she tried the app on her iPhone and realized it must be down. Allen laughed when I told him — that she was going to have to go out and wait and wonder — like she did ten years ago! He says it was much more fun driving a bus when the passengers never knew when to expect you!

Today was bright and sunny in Seattle — quite a contrast with the cold, rainy, windy, stormy weather we enjoyed down here. At this time of the year, the Seattle sunshine can be very strong on a clear day. One of the bus stops Alene uses is in a spot that gets the full afternoon sun — and a long wait can be really uncomfortable. For the last few summers, there has been some shade afforded by some large, sprawling shrubs. Allen is well acquainted with that stop and says it’s hilarious on summer days, because when you first see the stop, it looks like there’s no one waiting. But as soon as your bus is on top of it, dozens of people suddenly pour out of the greenery in a curbside ambush. Unfortunately, the Seattle DOT, or the City, or King County Metro, or some other agency of unfeeling jerks has seen fit to clear the site of almost all vegetation — so there will be much less shade this summer.

Summer is one of Seattle’s best kept secrets. We’ve seen fourteen Seattle summers — and they are reliably sunny and dry for almost three months — sometimes far longer than that. Yet people there lose their heads when the sun comes out — just like mad dogs and Englishmen!!

Speaking of which… Boris Johnson has been elected to Parliament.


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