Go to Fremont

Alene had a rather trying week — so I suggested we just have a nice Saturday together. I asked Allen for ideas. “Go to Fremont” was his suggestion — so here we are!

It’s always fun for us when Alene heads out with no clear objective — other than to get the bus downtown and wing it from there.  She got off the number 40 bus in Fremont after a most entertaining trip listening to a very loudmouthed suburban father showing off his Seattle “knowledge” to his teenage daughters. 

Anyway, as Alene got off the bus her first impluse was to get out her phone and search for coffee shops — but I said, no, this is Fremont, just walk around until you find one — and she quickly found the Flying Apron, which is a really cute place with good prices and very tempting pastries (which we need to forgo — having overdone the home-baked lemon-poppyseed cake of late.) And she has the only window seat with plenty to watch outside.

Allen and I have a couple more hours of daylight down here. We have done some outdoor exercise and secured the camp for the day — and are now enjoying coffee ourselves. Bus-riding and coffee in Seattle. Our idea of a great day!



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