So much for Fremont

We picked up another earworm while Alene was having coffee. Cat Power, The Greatest — one which draws big memories as Alene heard it almost daily at one of her retail jobs. This was almost ten years ago during one of the more difficult parts of her life with me.

Allen drove a bus route that went right by the store where she worked. His schedule didn’t coincide with her riding the bus to work — but at least once he day he drove by — and sometimes the traffic light had his bus sitting right outside. He’d look for her in the store and wave at her. She always tried to be doing something in the window at the time he came by, often setting herself up there five minutes early and watching up the street for the sight of the bus turning the corner. It was the high point of her day for several months — and Cat Power always reminds her of it.

The thing about going to Fremont is that getting there is actually most of the fun. After an hour, we want to move on (perhaps because everyone there seems to be under thirty.) Allen suggested a 32 (which he has driven) to Seattle Center to check on in our favorite Andean band. While Alene was waiting, I had her snap a photo to go along with one of my pet soapbox topics — avoidable garbage:

 Almost every item in this overflowing bin is a disposable drink container. Most of them are recyclable — but as someone who has carried a reusable coffee cup for more than ten years, I wonder how the habit has been so slow to catch on — and in Seattle of all places!! 

The 32 was busy — and bus-riding (and driving) at its most interesting. Allen has fond memories of the route. Seattle Center is hard not to love on a day like today — when it’s thronged with happy families of all kinds from all backgrounds. The Higgins Armory was hosting Spirit Of West Africa, and there were some very strikingly-dressed people in attendance as well as a very excellent band of percussionists and dancers:
Meanwhile, down at the Needle, we found the Andean guys in fine fettle:  

By then it was fully dark down here and we were all getting tired. The bus to West Seattle had people headed for the Mariners game later on — but the driver made sure no one got stuck on the bus headed over to West Seattle — watching Safeco Field fade into the distance as the bus speeds down highway 99. 

Alene walked by several garage/yard sales on the way home. Today was West Seattle Community Garage Sale day. If there is any event that could make Allen long to be back home, it’s this one. He can’t resist a yard sale — and it was quite a challenge for him when he had weekend shifts. He once pulled his bus over in Magnolia after spotting a hat stand — and then had to drive the rest of his shift with the darned thing in his bus. A passenger wanted to buy it from him, but Allen insisted it wasn’t for sale!

We’ll be telling more stories of Allen on the bus in due course:)


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