Coffee together

We have coffee together most mornings — but Alene isn’t always paying enough attention to notice. I decided to ger her attention this morning.

Before she went out, I had her check the weather and time at Puerto Williams. It’s a nice chilly morning with a real touch of autumn in the air. No worries or hurries at our end. Even Allen, a lifelong early riser, allowed himself a lazy start. We decided to try to pass the mood on to Alene.

Her morning bus didn’t show on OneBusAway, so she worried it wasn’t coming — as is often the way. But it did come — and perhaps a little early too! (Oh she of little faith!, was Allen’s reaction.) We enjoyed a couple of podcasts of a new BBC Radio 4 series called Incarnations, which tells the history of India through the lives of fifty people — from the Buddha to the present day. Today we heard about Ashoka, who began his reign in a heavy handed matter, but learned over time the importance of respecting the diversity of beliefs amongst ones people. 

Traffic was light and the bus got downtown early. So Alene has a little longer than usual to dally in the coffee shop before work  — and I brewed up some at our end — so that the three of us could enjoy it together.

This will be a fun day for me. Alene has a meeting later on. I hope it won’t be cancelled. I wish she could just hang out in the coffee shop until then — thinking of me:)


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