Kick some ass!

Podcasts on the bus have been a bit of a mix this week — no running theme.

Sometimes we get into a groove with something for a few weeks, as we did recently with Ernest Shackleton’s South. A couple of summers ago, we discovered Welcome To Night Vale and listened to the entire archive. And five years ago, just after Alene bought an iPod Touch (her first modern gadget), we found A History Of The World In One Hundred Objects from BBC Radio 4 — the series that would turn us into confirmed podcast junkies and have us pretty much quit TV-watching for good. Alene has bus podcasts on her latest iPhone, while her decommissioned iPhone 3GS is the storage for her at-home and in-bed podcasts.

On the bus, Alene enjoys hearing personal stories from podcasts such as The Moth, TED Radio Hour, Wiretap, and On Being. Today, she has been hearing stories that have awakened a restlessness in her. She wants to break out from the “blah” she’s been immersed in — and do something new — or even ridiculous — like walking the entire length of Chile from north to south. Hmm. I wonder why she has the urge to do that…..

I just wish she would stop hiding herself. Everything she loves and cares about she feels she has to keep hidden from the world — especially at work. She’s a wonderful little worker bee — but that’s all most people ever see of her — and it’s sad, because that is such a minor part of who she is.

I’m hoping that as she continues to type my thoughts and observations for this blog, that she will find the courage to let the world see the person I know and love. She could kick some serious ass one day!


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