Upside down and bass ackwards

Alene checks the weather at Puerto Wiilliams largely out of curiosity. Lately I have been making her check it daily. And she’s only just figured out why!

As Allen and I are out of range, we get all our information via my subtle connection with Alene — and her iPhone. And as fall shows signs of heading for winter, we are interested to know what the weather has in store for us — so that we can avoid having to make a trip to the storage building on a day when the weather is particularly bad. I am happy to report that we are well stocked for the next few days if snow and wind make us just want to hunker down.

Southern hemisphere weather maps and images take a bit of getting used to. Weather systems still progress from west to east — but their geometry is “upside down” — so on a satellite image, the clouds of a mid-latitude cyclone make a 6 instead of a 9. And the winds go clockwise instead of anticlockwise. None of that makes any difference on the ground, of course — when it rains it rains.

However, the business of the sun being in the northern sky at noon is very hard to get used to. It really makes us feel that the sun is rising in the west and setting in the east — that everthing is bass ackwards.


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