A moment together

I’ve had Alene to myself for the last three days — Memorial Day weekend. She does lead something of a double life and I have to be mindful of the need to not intrude too much on the life that requires her to go out in the world and earn a living. I wish she could just stay home every day and be with me.

She’s having her morning coffee right now and felt like reading. I let her read a short passage from Winesburg, Ohio — but I’m not in the mood to read. It’s one of the things we don’t do so well together. When I see via her eyes, it does take some effort and concentration, so processing a lot of visual information, as reading requires, quickly tires me out. So I prefer audiobooks and podcasts to enjoy together.

Writing this is no big deal though, because I am just allowing my thoughts to flow to her. I close my eyes every now and then to make sure she’s keeping up with them as she taps out the words on her phone. I enjoy it, because we become very connected when we do this.

But the best times of all are when she allows herself to do nothing — to just enjoy her coffee and take in her surroundings — the people in the coffee shop — posters and paintings on walls — knick-knacks on shelves or hanging from the ceiling — traffic outside — the music that’s playing — overheard conversations. Coffee shops are amazing places.

She has to go to work now.


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