Lazy days of winter

Alene woke up before 5 this morning. It was just getting fully light in Seattle — and also where I am at the bottom of South America. Our sunrises should be reasonably synchronized for the next six weeks.

I don’t mind the winter darkness, because I am basically a lazy person who has always loved any excuse to be a couch potato instead of going for a bike ride, working in the garden, or doing all the other stuff that normal people can’t wait to get home from work to do on summer evenings.

When I was younger, and enjoying my new-found affluence, I did take a lot of vacations in warm, sunny places in the wintertime — but that was mainly because I liked having a sun tan. It wasn’t the darkness of the English winter I needed to escape — just the fading of my summer tan. 

Alene used to like being tanned — and she liked being in better-than-average shape. So summer for her always involved a lot of daytime sunbathing and evening exercise.

Since we found each other, we have uncovered our true nature — and come to enjoy being naturally lazy. And the dark days of winter mean more time to be lazy:)


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