Tired of life?

When a man is tired of London he is tired of life

So said Samuel Johnson. That’s a quote that has often bothered Alene — because at the age of twenty, after only two years there, she was tired of London. What did that say about her?

But after fourteen years in Seattle, she’s not tired of that place — so what does that say? Actually, she is a bit tired of Seattle — but can’t think of anywhere else to realistically move to right now. And she’s old enough and wise enough to know she won’t necessarily be happier anywhere else.

We are both rather tired of the internet too. When we started using it over twenty years ago (when Mosaic showed up) it was a simple novelty that could amuse us into the wee hours. But lately, when Alene connects to WiFi somewhere, we just stare at an empty search bar wondering what to type in. Perhaps the activity of searching gets tiresome after a while — and you’d rather just wait and see what comes to you of its own accord — in which case, you might as well close the laptop and look out the window.

News, weather and real-time bus arrivals are handy to have on a phone — and Alene would hate to have to do without up-to-date information. But the internet in general seems to be merging into one big stream of information that demands so much attention you end up ignoring it altogether.

Perhaps it’s not so much about being tired of life — as being overwhelmed by it.


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