My own leaf on my own twig

I was lucky with my career. I was able to learn and grow and assume more responsibility without ever having to manage anyone but myself. In the hierarchical corporate chart, I was always my own leaf on my own twig. And as I gained experience and knowledge, what happened was that my leaf got bigger — and the twig was attached to progressively higher branches, i.e. I got to report to progressively more important people. And I was still a team player — because I supported several teams! But I always reported to just one person — and no one ever reported to me.

Alene has known the happiness of being her own leaf on her own twig — but that was a long time ago. For some reason, it’s a very hard situation to find. I think you end up there by happy accident.

There’s plenty of career advice out there for people who aspire to work their way up the corporate ladder — or for entrepreneurial types who want to start a business. But there are no mentors for those who just want to be their own leaf on their own twig.

We need to figure this out.


One thought on “My own leaf on my own twig

  1. Here Here! I feel the same. I do not wish to be in management, unless I am only managing myself. Reporting to only one person, as you do, would also be fine. It is hard to find the right balance of information out there for people of this ilk. Either it is way overboard with high energy and gusto or it is all about the serious side of being “your own boss”. I find the latter, too rigid, even somewhat harsh for me. I just want to do what I would enjoy doing, at a decent pace, very little pressure, alone – with not much interaction or interruptions. I don’t think it is a lot to ask for.

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