Finished shopping

One thing I really enjoy about being in such a remote location — far from other people — is that, other than practical weather concerns, I don’t have to worry about what I’m wearing. Not that I ever have really, though. It used to drive my wife mad that I would wear the same jeans and shirt for weeks on end — putting them in the short wash when I went to bed and having them tumble dry while I was in the shower the following morning. There was one ensemble that she actually put in the garbage — only I discovered the sneaky trick before the garbage got picked up and rescued the garments to wash and wear for a few more days — as an act of defiance before I agreed to get something else from the closet.

Alene is very much the same — which is quite unusual for a woman! If she had her own washer and dryer she would probably wear the same outfit every day. But now that summer has arrived in Seattle, she is able to rotate the same few skirts and shirts (hand washing and rack drying clothes in the bathroom.) She found a rather versatile skirt at a thrift store last weekend and was happy to find it goes with at least three tops in her closet (that were also thrift-store purchases.) Combined with two skirts and shoes she already has, the purchase completed her wardrobe for this summer — which makes her very happy, because she doesn’t enjoy shopping for either clothes or shoes.

Five years ago, she needed new shoes for summer. She went all over downtown Seattle and by two in the afternoon, she was discouraged and ready to give up. I told her my wife wouldn’t have given up so easily and suggested getting an iced chai latte and resting awhile before going to a place she hadn’t tried yet — Nordstrom Rack. It was in the old location (having since moved into Westlake Center) and the ladies shoe department was cramped and disorganized, with shoes in piles on shelves falling onto the floor. But, refreshed from her iced chai latte — and with encouragement from me — Alene worked her way through the size eights and eventually found a pair of sandals that worked. They have worked so well that she’s still wearing them five years later — although walking has worn the backs of the heels into a distinctive shape. The beds of both sandals that fit under her heels have had the linings worn away — but she repaired them with brown-colored duct tape which cannot be seen when she’s actually wearing the shoes. She has since learned to go to Nordstrom Rack first.

So now that she’s done with shopping, we can find something else to do with our weekends!


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