Summertime drinkies

I’ve probably mentioned several times that Alene doesn’t much enjoy summer — but we’re working on it.

Neither of us cares much for iced drinks — unless there’s booze in them. In our world, the only purpose for a soft drink is to be a mixer. Coke goes with rum. Ginger ale goes with whisky. Tonic water goes with gin. Sprite goes with vodka. (In Allen’s world, schnapps is the mixer.) So in the past, summer has involved too much booze. Have you heard of a West Seattle Iced Tea? It’s chilled white merlot in a tall glass.

Anyway, we’ve been trying to find a non-alcoholic soft drink with some staying power. Iced tea is boring — and when you’re English it’s also an abomination. Iced coffee is just plain wrong. But we’ve found a couple of promising candidates.

The first is chai concentrate that can be mixed with milk. The other is the Starbucks Via Refreshers, which are basically Kool-Aid for grownups. They’re fruity and refreshing — but green coffee extract gives them a nice kick.

Once you’ve found a beverage to embrace, the next challenge is to find a cup to drink it from — one that will keep the beverage cold enough for long enough so that you don’t chug it all down in five minutes. Yesterday, Alene found this:

It’s by Aladdin and has double walls of plastic enclosing a 20oz capacity. It has a proper lid with a cutout to drink from instead of a stupid straw or baby-cup-like nozzle which will get cruddy and smelly. The double walls essentially eliminate “sweat” on the outside of the cup, but even so, the handle makes it easier to use.

Last night, Alene made one of those Via refreshers and it lasted well over an hour — cold to the last moutful. She’s now thinking about other drinks to put in it — like chocolate Ovaltine made with cold milk.

And — she’s enjoying the roadside flowers of June….



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