Gimmee steam — again

Alene was served up lukewarm coffee twice last week at her usual morning place. Each time, it was remade with no argument — but I told her it was time to go elsewhere. It’s not like there’s a shortage of choice in Seattle.

Before anyone issues a sermon about “First World problems”, let me point out that the problem at hand is less-than-hot water in a modern establishment with electricity. It’s not like someone has to go out and collect cowchips for fuel and then strike sparks from a flint to get a fire going — and use water collected from a fog catcher. In the Atacama Desert, I wouldn’t dream of complaining about the temperature of the coffee — let alone having it be remade.

If there’s anything that shouldn’t be a problem in the First World, it is hot water. ‘Nuff said.

Personally, I don’t entirely approve of patronizing the same place to the exclusion of others — unless there’s a pastry to die for that can’t be had anywhere else. Even then, it’s still a good idea to spread yourself around.


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