Rogues gallery

Somehow we don’t get bored here. I often worry about Allen, because he doesn’t have the view through Alene to keep him occupied — but he says watching my reactions to what I witness is entertaining enough! 

I have some capabilities as a sketch artist and I often do courtroom-sketch-style renditions of a scene at Alene’s end. This is something I practice while Alene’s in a meeting — with people sitting still for an extended period of time. It’s funny, because I capture the view from Alene’s perspective — and the subjects have no idea they’re being observed from a distance — it’s like a low-tech hidden camera. In between sketching, I make notes of key parts of the proceedings. When the meeting is over, I put everything together as a fun show’n’tell for Allen. He has started to really look forward to these.

We both know Alene’s coworkers rather well now. There’s quite a rogues gallery of them floating around here. 

She’s off to a meeting this morning and I’m hoping to get a good view of a certain woman who has an interesting hairdo that I still can’t get quite right….


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