I’ve been looking through the “paperwork” I’ve amassed since I’ve been here. I keep a daily journal, as does Allen. His is pretty hilarious, revolving mainly around meals, chores, the occasional quarrel, and ironic observations about the weather.   I think he’s doing a tongue-in-cheek send-up of the diaries of the Shackleton expedition.

Mine is a bit more tedious and Outlook-y. I note down much of what happens around Alene at work. If she’s in a meeting, I record the names of all attendees and make courtroom sketches of the assembled company as viewed from Alene. In a small meeting with only four people, I can capture a lot of details. I’m getting rather good at roughing out a scene with my eyes closed and then opening-closing my eyes every few seconds to capture important details.

A reminder  — there is no internet or phone service where I am. All my information comes via my soul connection with Alene — and we are amusing ourselves documenting that connection.

Essentially, I observe something going on in Alene’s world — the details of which could be verified by more than one person. I document what happens in as much detail as I can manage, supplemented by my courtroom sketches. We are focusing on happenings that could not possibly have been documented in advance. There’s plenty of material here, especially where Alene works (lots of surprises lately.)

However — we also need to include content that would be extremely hard to convey via the internet alone –because proving we were out of range the whole time might not be easy. This is proving to be quite a challenge!

I’m sure we’ll think of something. It’s not like Allen and I have anything else to do right now:)


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