Shifting gears

The world seems to have moved on so much since that three-day holiday weekend. It’s hard to believe it was only one week ago. Seattle’s record-breaking heatwave finally broke down — and last weekend is already a distant memory for Alene — and for us.

It’s remarkable how often you fail to appreciate what a happy time you’ve been enjoying until you realize it’s ending. Allen had worried that the winter solstice bonfire we enjoyed last month might attract some unwanted attention. There was some basis for his concern. He had noticed an unmarked vessel that kept appearing in our view — and each time it came back it came a little closer to shore.

The sudden blowout of the window on morning of July Fourth must have been an omen. On Monday morning, Allen spotted the vessel again — and this time he was compelled to reach for the binoculars. He passed them over to me — and when I got them focussed I found myself looking at someone with a pair of binoculars directed at me. Wow! That is a really disturbing feeling!

So we had visitors later that day. Don’t worry — we’re in no danger — it’s a friendly crew that’s just extremely curious. And I am happy to tell them what we have been doing there these last two months. Alene figured out right away that something had changed and surmised that we had suddenly decided to leave. Well, we haven’t really left yet — but we are aboard ship now instead of in the little cabin — which we had become very fond of.

We will probably return to Seattle in due course — but in the meantime, I am going to hand over the reins to Alene — and let her write some of her side of the story. We also decided to have a go at Twitter (@radio_somewhere) — although we don’t yet know how we will use it.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying not having to do kitchen duty. There is a rather good cook on board.


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