Next chapter

Alene finally figured it out.

On Sunday, she was at the library downloading podcasts. Every now and then, she realizes her device is getting full and she has to do triage — deleting podcasts that she probably is not going to listen to any time soon in order to make room for podcasts she will listen to. One of the casualties was South — the podcasted audio edition of Ernest Shackleton’s account of the expedition in the Endurance. Allen brought the book with him on his tablet to read while we were on the island — and Alene downloaded the podcast to enjoy on the bus. It helped her get into our Patagonia groove! We had every intention of listening to it again — this time with Alene quietly at home, instead of having to tune out the background sounds of the bus commute. But we never got around to it. And on Sunday, I suggested she just delete the podcast series — and we were a bit sorrowful.

On the way home today, Alene was listening to an episode of For Colored Nerds (hopefully they aren’t too concerned with white folks listening — let alone liking it!) Anyway, she took her usual seat on the right-hand side of the bus, which for most of the way home is the un-sunny side of the vehicle — a hybrid-electric model with the A/C going full blast. Through her earbuds, behind the podcast voices, Alene heard a combination of sounds that made her feel as though she were in a window seat on the right-hand side of an airliner cruising at around 37,000 feet with the sun off the right.

She connected the dots pretty quickly. I was (and still am) on a flight to Melbourne, Australia — flying westbound from Buenos Aires, hence the sun on my right. And I’m in a window seat — not that there will much to look out at most of the way.

I didn’t get to say goodbye to our little island. I had hoped to rent a small airplane to do a flyover — see it from the air — but just didn’t have time. Perhaps it’s just as well. That was such a happy few months! I heard from Allen. He’s back into the swing of summer in Seattle — and is helping a friend finish building a deck which turned out to be an overly ambitious project. Allen is hoping to finish it in time for the Labor Day weekend!

Alene was sad too — especially when I suggested she delete Puerto Williams from the Living Earth app — as we probably will never return. But she added Melbourne — and was happy to see that the time difference will not be too problematic.

Melbourne is 17 hours ahead of Seattle if you care about the International Dateline — or 7 hours behind if you don’t. So, by the time she is settling in for the evening at home in Seattle, it will be lunchtime in Melbourne — and we will be able to enjoy a few hours together. I will have to be sure to schedule morning meetings only — and Alene will have to spend the first part of the day without me. The weather outlook for Melbourne looks rather nice — around 60 deg F with both sunny and rainy days — the kind of weather which will hopefully make it back to Seattle sometime.

On to our next adventure!


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