Jet lag in my head

We’re getting into a new groove.

I just got off the bus in downtown Seattle and am having coffee before work. Mark is in bed in Melbourne and will be going to sleep shortly.

When I went to bed last night, I cued up a long playlist of podcasts – really dry stuff like BBC Radio 3 Documentaries. I let it play all night with the volume down. I woke up a few times, but was not awake for long. What I was hoping for was to fall asleep without Mark’s activities intruding – as he would not be going to bed until I was getting up.

It seemed to work. The only dream I had was of being in a bookstore for an Irish author’s book signing – an incursion from one of those podcasts, no doubt.

Mark will be asleep while I am work – so I suppose that’s no big deal. But this is very tiring. Yesterday seemed like a very long day. 

I feel jet-lagged without having left home!

– Alene


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