Happy groove (Alene)

Mark has been quiet for a few days. It happens every now and then — usually when we’re in vastly different time zones that have each sleeping while the other is awake. Almost a week ago, he arrived in Melbourne, Australia — and I wonder if he has traveled on to someplace else. Our conversations have been brief and infrequent — although in between, I am always aware of his presence. I can “feel” him smiling a lot of the time. Not to worry. I’m sure he’s OK. If he were troubled in any way, I would be suffering terrible anxiety and feeling depressed. As it is, I’m rather happy — although in a very subdued way.

About half way through the afternoon at work today, I found myself really looking forward to my after-work plans. Starting last week, I’ve been going to the library in downtown Seattle after work with my laptop to work on classes at DataCamp.com. I taught myself the R programming language a few years ago, but haven’t really used it enough to consider myself a solid user — although I’m probably far ahead of lot of people who have tried.

It’s a nice way to round out my day. After picking up coffee (so glad coffee is allowed in the library these days!) I search for a quiet place to study out of the way of foot traffic. I use the Noizio app on my MacBook to mask annoying sounds. It’s great because it continues to play in the background while I watch videos — so the voice of the instructor doesn’t have to compete with noisy leakage from someone else’s headphones. I work to a mix of rain and space sounds — and I get completely absorbed in what I’m doing. Time flies — and when I’m finally done for the evening (sometime between 7 and 7:30), I have a happy sense of accomplishment. Then I enjoy a bus ride to West Seattle followed by a 30-minute walk home as the sun goes down. The Olympic Mountains were a lovely pinkish-brown tonight.

I’m going to bed tired and happy — and sleeping well — but I’m not waking up feeling refreshed. Oh well — this won’t last for ever! In the meantime, I’m enjoying this low-key groove.

– Alene


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