An early martyr

Some ancient history from Alene’s elementary school notebook:

Alban was a Roman soldier. He lived in Britain. The name of the town in which he lived was called Verulamium. He lived in a beautiful house and was very rich.
One day, a priest named Amphibalus called at Albans house. He asked Alban to shelter him from the Roman soldiers. They were going to kill him because he was a Christian. They heard the Roman soldiers coming and Alban said if we change clothes I will save your life. So they changed clothes, and Amphibalus got away dressed like Alban. The Roman soldiers came into the house, and saw Alban. The thought he was the priest. They took him to stand before the judge. The then Roman soldiers recognized him and were angry. They said this is Alban. They said if you worship the Roman Gods we will set you free.

Once again, Alene’s schoolroom account doesn’t quite finish the story.
Alban stood by his Christian faith and was sent for beheading. The appointed executioner was so touched and moved by Alban’s faith that he was unable to proceed with the task — and offered himself as a martyr along with Alban.

The martyrdom of Saint Alban is described in Chapter 7 of Bede’s The Ecclesiastical History of the English People — but the priest is not named. There is no mention of anyone called Amphibalus in Bede — but there is in Wikipedia, so we’ll trust Alene’s teacher didn’t just make it up!


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