Royal ideas

Royalist propaganda was very much a feature of Alene’s early education. From her notebook:

The Royal Tour

Today the Queen and Princess Anne will fly to Vancouver to start their tour. Prince Philip will meet them in Vancouver.
Tuesday March 3rd. The Queen, Prince Philip and Princess Anne will fly to Honolulu.
Wednesday March 4th. The plane will fly to Fiji.
Thursday March 5th. The Royal yacht Britannia will take the royal party on to Tonga.

Needless to say, Alene did not go on to a career as a royal correspondent. She had her own romantic notions of what it’s like to be the queen though:

If I were a queen I would sit on a throne, and wear a crown, and wear a beautiful silk lacey frock, with sequins and jewels on it. I would live in a Palace in London. My crown would be gold with diamonds and rings with precious jewels. I would have a gown of gold. I would go on long royal tours. I could sit in the palace grounds looking at the flowers, and listening to the birds sweetly singing, and the leaves rustling gently in the wind.

And then there’s this:

Traffic Signals

Stop says the red light
Go says the green
Change says the amber one winking in between
That’s what they say
That’s what they mean
We all must obey them
Even the queen

We won’t mention Princess Anne’s many speeding tickets!!


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