Mushy mintonette

If there’s any summer weekend that Seattle ought to be able to count on for beach weather, it’s the last weekend in August. Not this year though. The forecast calls not only for rain, but also windy conditions — with a high of 69F. Must be really frustrating for anyone hoping for beach weather, considering the three months of non-stop sunshine and hot weather.

I went to bed last night (end of Friday in the vicinity of Australia) as Alene was leaving for work on Friday morning in Seattle. I’m getting fond of the routine — enjoying the morning quiet as she waits for her bus — listening to a podcast on the way downtown — and then picking up coffee before going into the office. Once she’s logged in at work, I fall asleep — waking up a couple of hours before her work day ends, when it’s already the next day for me.

This morning we had something unexpected to wonder about — the volleyball tournament at Alki Beach. There’s volleyball happening all summer — but it’s rather pedestrian. But this weekend, according to the West Seattle Blog, Alki is hosting a National Beach Volleyball League tournament – and while the weather is definitely to Alene’s liking (she plans to drink coffee all day and write), it’s probably not what you want for beach volleyball.

I’ll bet it’s more disappointing for the spectators than the athletes. At the London Olympics in 2012, beach volleyball was held in very un-summery weather — and in a very un-beach-like setting along the River Thames. But Alki Beach likes to think of itself as a real beach every now and then. On most summer weekends, the major activity seems to be inactivity — and eating. Beach volleyball does add a touch of summer glamour to the place. And this is the weekend that the pros are in town — but it’s probably going to be more of a day to watch sports at one of the bars — or huddle in Starbucks with the laptop.

Seattle doesn’t give up her dead so easily.

– Mark


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