Energy transplant

A certain flannel shirt of mine has been a treasured possession for almost fifteen years. It came with me to Seattle — and is one of the few things from my pre-Seattle life that I still have. It’s very, very worn. In winter, it’s been an extra layer under my coat — and in summer, it’s served as a lightweight jacket. It’s rather long — but I’ve loved the protective feeling of a coverall. A few months ago, I cut off the dilapidated cuffs, re-hemmed the sleeves, and patched a large hole in the back with some of the fabric salvaged from the sleeves — and I was rather satisfied to have partially resurrected the shirt — even though it’s so threadbare that it’s translucent when held up to the light.

But the part of the shirt that I’m most attached to is a patch sown onto the center of the back just below the collar – a patch carrying the logo of a bar I used to go to more than twenty years ago — in my old life. It’s the only part of the shirt showing no wear or tear. So it occurred to me to remove the patch and sew it onto another shirt I bought recently and am rapidly becoming fond of.

I made it one of my projects for today — and I’m happy to report that the patch looks like it belongs on the new shirt — but the old flannel shirt still feels good when I put it on.

– Alene


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