Turn left

“After tomorrow there’s no going back.”

So concluded the nightmare I had in the wee hours of the morning on September 11, 2001. It would all make sense to me at 8pm, when I finally turned on the TV for the first time that day.

I suspect that the channel which opened up to allow Mark and I to communicate exposed to us to other energies. It took several years for me to learn to manage all the streams of consciousness that flowed spontaneously through my mind — most of them exciting and intriguing — but some of them deeply disturbing. That is why I worked a series of mundane retail jobs while I was adjusting. Back then, I could not have done the job I have now — and I still struggle sometimes to keep my mind together.

When I moved to Seattle in 2001, there was an ongoing story that kept playing in my mind — something wonderful. It showed a bright future for our world — with one problem after another falling to solutions. In this version of our world, there was no Iraq war, no real estate bubble, no global financial collapse, no IS, and no migrant crisis. The various civil conflicts of the world were diffused as feuding parties recognized that the new world order offered something far more useful than anything that they once thought was fighting for. Business was conducted with fairness and honesty. People were treated with fairness and honesty. Law enforcement was about making the world a safe place for people to go about minding their business. People took only what they needed — and perhaps a little extra to put aside for a rainy day — but no one felt the need to hoard anything, least of all, huge sums of money. Homeless people were housed. Hungry people were fed. Crime as good as disappeared. Renewable energy made fossil fuels obsolete. Parents had time for their children. Children went to school eager to learn. There was time to cook dinner properly, take a walk, and get a good night’s sleep. A free and happy society with no underclass, no racism, no sexism, no homophobia, and no threat of terrorism at home or abroad.

I saw this play out in my mind — over and over — as though I were watching events unwind on Earth in a parallel universe. It was so real to me, that at times I felt it was really happening.

Perhaps there is such a parallel Earth — and 9/11 was part of a rift in time and space that brought some of us through from the enlightened Earth to this hellish version — and we were able to still glimpse it in our minds until the rift closed up — and left us stranded here.

So what happened to make everything go right?

There was a revelation. It pulled the rug out from under every single person in the world — instantly making every religion, culture, tradition, and institution equally irrelevant, no matter how old it was or how many people subscribed to it. No one was excused. No one could hide from the revelation — neither the richest capitalist nor the most wretched refugee. Everyone had to jettison beliefs they had once held very dear — and everyone had to start over — everyone all together.

It was tough. The economy as we know it completely collapsed. But it was replaced by an economy that served people instead of people serving it. And people finally understood that when they harmed others, they also harmed themselves. And they knew their place in the universe.

In the fourth season of Doctor Who, in the episode Turn Left, Donna Noble witnesses a frightening alternative scenario for Earth — the one that would have unfolded had she obeyed her mother in the car and turned right instead. I wish that would be what I’m living through — and that I will wake up on September 11 one year to realize that this version of Earth is just a nightmare — while the other one is real.

– Alene


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