The normalcy of school

Today was to be the first day of classes for Seattle Public Schools — but the teachers are on strike (something of an annual ritual here on which we are not going to comment.) Many kids are happy — but we suspect many are equally disappointed. You can imagine how parents feel!

There’s something unsettling about schools being closed. After a major disaster — hurricane, earthquake, flood etc. — nothing says “getting back to normal” better than schools reopening. Several years ago, when Alene was a regular Twitter user, we followed a school teacher living in Damascus — at around the time civil war was starting to destroy Syria — and we marveled at how this woman was maintaining the usual routine of class prep and grading homework — and how kids were still showing up daily for class. When migrants finally get settled in Germany or Sweden, the first day of school for their children will probably be a momentous occasion.

Life has a way of organizing itself around school schedules — even for those of us who don’t have children of school age.

We hope this strike does not go on too long. It’s been a very disturbing summer around the world — and we could all use a sense of returning to normalcy — in some small way.


One thought on “The normalcy of school

  1. My school (and 47 other schools like mine) is also on strike currently. Today is day 11 of the strike and it is so stressful and unsettling. I just want to get back to my students. I hope yours gets resolved faster than ours…

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