Missing Myrtle

I just deactivated two Twitter accounts that I’ve had for several years — but haven’t used in around eighteen months. One of them was a lot of fun while the other was dull and boring. I was getting tired of annoying emails from Twitter and was going to log in to adjust settings — but then realized I will probably never use those accounts again — and decided to just deactivate.

Both accounts were part of a chapter of my life that is thankfully now over. But it’s still a little sad letting go. I never had many followers — but I had fun interactions with some of them. And I even had a direct message from Greg Proops!

Twitter is handy for up-to-the-minute monitoring of traffic and transit stuff. But I found it’s easier to just view a Twitter feed in Safari on my iPhone and then make a link to it on my home screen. No need to follow. No need to be logged in to Twitter. No need to have an account at all.

I know all about wasting time on the internet. In 1996, when I was writing my doctoral dissertation, I sometimes wasted three hours a day in Usenet, much of it in re.arts.tv.us.abc.daytime (or something like that) where I followed threads about All My Children. Yes, I watched All My Children on and off from 1983 to 2003. Mark loved it too. Myrtle Fargate was his favorite character and we were both genuinely sad when we read of the death of Eileen Fairley a few years ago. The world could use a few more Myrtles.

I kinda wish I had a Myrtle living next door.

– Alene


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