You see the problem was — everyone was speaking Polish!

It’s the punchline to a rather hilarious joke. Not a Polish joke, we hasten to add. Polish just happens to be the language that sprang to mind when we wrote it — the punchline, that is — the actual joke has yet to be written.

Swedish might work too. Or Bengali. The language needs to be distant enough that most people will never have been in a setting where everyone is speaking it — without actually being in Poland, or Sweden, or Bengal. But it also needs to be obvious enough so that most people can immediately place the language on a map in their mind.

Hungarian might have been funnier — but Monty Python beat us to it. Remember the Hungarian Phrasebook? My hovercraft is full of eels. The Pythons also referenced Swahili (climbing the twin peaks of Kilimanjaro) else that would be a good candidate.

We’re wondering what will happen to use after we die. Obviously we are some kind of doppelgänger pair — not intended to meet in life — only to be reunited by death.

Then what?

Perhaps we get separated again and reincarnate. If so, we hope we get some time out to spend together first. And perhaps we will get around to writing the joke!


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