All ablaze

I was driving along a highway. As I remember the dream, I was alone in the car.

A bus passed me heading in the other direction. It seemed to be on fire — but I thought I must have imagined it. Then another one came along. It was definitely on fire — and the one behind it. They kept coming — one after another — each one more engulfed in flames than the one before it.

There was no panic. The drivers kept hands on wheel and stared at the road ahead. The passengers stayed seated — even as they burned in their seats.

I couldn’t stand it any more. I pulled over to the side of the highway and got out of my car. I tried to flag down the next bus — but I could not get the attention of the driver. One burning bus after another just rolled by me. I got so close I was almost burned myself. I screamed and cried for them to pull over and get out — but the endless procession of burning buses kept on going.

From behind, I felt strong hands take my shoulders and direct me back to the car — and a gentle voice explained:

“The people in the buses don’t realize they’re on fire.”


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