Moving right along

My departure from Nuuk intruded Alene’s morning dreams. I arrived in Reykjavik this afternoon — and I’ve assured Alene this is my final stop before I return to Seattle — hopefully sometime this week!

Alene dreamed she had found my bag at the airport and fancied she would do me a favor by taking it home with her — but when she got it home, she realized I would be missing my luggage! Then she watched someone else open my bag and be amused at some of the contents — especially a certain old-fashioned gadget.

What Alene was picking up was me walking through the airport at Nuuk and going through security. I had to open my bag for a spot search — and the security official was amused by the electronic organizer he found. It was the gadget of the day which preceded the PDA which preceded the smartphone. I used it heavily in the late 1990s, when my cellphone did little more than make phone calls — and a big chunk of my pre-Alene life is preserved in the device so I keep it as a momento — but I do have occasion to refer to it from time to time — and I did find it useful on this trip to Nuuk. Somehow, it has kept working and always comes back to life when I put fresh batteries in it — and I can not bring myself to part with it.

There was not much to see on the flight to Reykjavik on account of clouds so I watched Alene ride the bus from West Seattle to Ballard – a trip of well over one hour. We’ve both been busy lately — and rather missing the ways we used to spend time together — before the modern internet got us absorbed with our smartphones. It was pouring with rain when Alene headed out, so she put her iPhone safely away in an interior pocket of her bag, instead of having it handy in an outer pocket where it might get wet — and she ended up leaving the phone there for the entire trip. So instead of listening to a podcast, we just enjoyed watching life in and from the bus — and the silly things we find funny.

If you are into keeping your nails well manicured, there is no excuse for not keeping up with it in Seattle. In some neighborhoods, there are more nail salons than coffee shops. We passed several which announce their business with a big, lighted neon sign in the window saying just “Nails.” For the first time, it struck as as funny — perhaps because we both imagined our mutual (and ever so handy) friend Allen going in and asking for 8d 2-1/2” 316 grade Ringed stainless steel deck nails!

Alene’s bus trip involved a transfer in Ballard, and by the time she got off the bus she was in need of a restroom. But there was a Safeway handy so she got to use the restroom — only to then just miss her next bus. I reminded her that a) she was running way early, as we both tend to do; b) she was now comfortable from having used the restroom; c) it had stopped raining, and so d) she could enjoy walking the rest of the way — and probably still have time for a coffee before the event she was attending (a group walk) got underway. And it worked out great!

Seattle’s being soaked by the remnants of a Pacific tropical storm — and Alene spent over an hour walking in it. Her raincoat and boots gave out about ten minutes from the end of the walk. You know that feeling — you go from being completely dry to completely sodden inside — once your outer layer gets wetted through. We scrapped further plans for the day as Alene just wanted to get back home and get dry. Happily, the homeward bus ride was a breeze — and Alene dried out enough in the bus to be persuaded to stop on the way for an errand at the grocery store followed by a venti latte in Starbucks while waiting for the break in the rain showing on the weather radar.

Alene’s now safely home — and I’m happily settled in my hotel in Reykjavik. Now to enjoy some hygge — or whatever it’s called in Iceland.


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