Splitting souls

He sat alone on a bench in the park, enjoying a cup of coffee as he watched the world go by. No one seemed to notice him — but I did. He was good looking in a quiet, middle-aged, silver-haired way. And I liked the way he sat — so relaxed and at ease. His warm smile was directed at no one in particular — and he was obviously enjoying his own company — the way I do.

All of sudden, something odd took place. He appeared to split himself two ways. One version of him remained on the bench drinking coffee — the other got to his feet and tossed the cup in the garbage. He glanced briefly at his other self before walking in my direction. He smiled with recognition — but not at me. For I also had spawned a duplicate — and she was walking towards him.

When they met, they embraced and kissed — as old lovers who had been apart a long time.


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