Sitting out NaNoWriMo this year

I caught up with my buddy Allen in the last couple of weeks! I signed a lease on an apartment in West Seattle and he helped me move in. I didn’t have to lean on him too hard. For one thing, he had missed my company — and he’s already nostalgic for Patagonia (and now has a bit of a mania for all things Antarctic.) And for another thing, he loves any excuse to visit Ikea, which must be his favorite store after The Home Depot. We had fun picking out a futon and other furnishings for my studio, and then the next day, he came over with his tools and helped assemble everything. He’s very impressed with the view from my top-floor unit — but almost had kittens when he learned what I’m paying for rent (you don’t what to know!)

I did more shopping over the weekend and got the place nicely set up for the onset of the winter darkness, now that Daylight Saving Time is over. Allen came over for a few drinks on Saturday evening just as it was getting dark. As we listened to the wind-driven rain lashing the window, it was hard not to think about the little cabin down at the bottom of the world. Ah. Memories.

Meanwhile, back in Seattle, Alene is not doing NaNoWriMo this year. Back in July, she was fully intent on doing another project and had started collecting ideas in an Evernote notebook. But in August she got sidetracked with and felt like getting back into a data programming groove — so she’s been taking Coursera classes and started a new one today. This year, there won’t be much time for novel writing.

We’re a little sad, but the truth is, Alene is not really a novel writer. The two projects she did complete, last year and the year before, were collections of shorter writings which she managed to tie together somehow. She completely threw herself into the 2013 NaNoWriMo and remembers it as one of the most fun months she ever spent. She did two rewrites of the novel and is very happy with it — enjoying it every time she revisits it. We’ve included some excerpts from it on this blog.

Last year’s project was more of a struggle and nowhere near as enjoyable. The chapters set in fourth century Persia are simply charming — but the chapters set in twenty-first century Seattle were tedious to write — and are turning out to be tedious to read. It makes sense. If you didn’t enjoy writing it, chances are no one will enjoy reading it.

Good luck to everyone who IS participating — and we hope you have as much fun as we did two years ago.


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