You never forget the feeling

Busy dreaming all night. Most of it nothing to write about — with the exception of the following short segment.

It was at night, and a companion (no one I recognized) suggested we go outside to look at the stars. It was a little cloudy, but some bright stars were visible through gaps in the cloud cover. Then the stars started to go out and I assumed thicker cloud cover was moving in. Then a loud humming sound announced it was not clouds. It was a massive aircraft (or spacecraft!) — moving slowly at a very low altitude. Its underside was completely flat and polished smooth, with no sign of any openings. My companion and I silently watched in awe. We must have watched for a long period of time. Later on, we were indoors — and I was still stunned at what I had seen — still trying to digest it. I sought out my companion to talk with him — but he denied having seen anything odd out there. We had been looking at stars until clouds moved it. Nothing else happened. But we had watched it together! I had heard him gasp with astonishment and steady himself on my shoulder! I had seen the look on his face! He had seen what I had seen! And now he was insisting he had seen nothing.

Have you ever had such an annoying conversation in the aftermath of a shared strange experience? It makes you feel as though you’re being “gaslighted” at first — and then you start to doubt yourself.

I wonder if there is an amnesia effect that kicks in shortly after a strange happening — but that it excludes certain people — either accidentally or on purpose.

Mark and I have never seen a Sasquatch (Bigfoot) — and we are pretty confident the creature does not biologically exist. We have long suspected that Sasquatch is a “manifestation” — but we don’t doubt what Sasquatch Believers claim to have seen — and the way it made them feel — especially the way it made them feel.

You never forget the feeling.


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