Get out of the way

I swim while Alene is on the bus to work. That way, I can listen to a podcast. This morning, we were in the mood to be unapologetically British and listen to something from the BBC Radio 4 In Our Time: History archive — the episode about The Celts, of which Alene can probably claim to be one, as she’s from Cornwall. She’s finally starting to tune into my surroundings as I swim — smelling the chlorine of the pool water — AND, getting a sudden shiver of cold as I get out of the water. She’s formed a picture of the layout of my studio apartment too. I’ve been living there a month now — but she’s been very busy and very distracted.

She’s finishing up her third Coursera course, and I suggested she take a break for December — and perhaps January too. We have some fun projects of our own she needs to work on. And, I’d like us to spend some quality time together, in way we haven’t in a long time.

Alene has typed — and then deleted — five paragraphs so far. It’s not that we have writer’s block. We both have plenty to say — but then we think better of it. Perhaps that is writer’s block!!

Sting was blocked once. Yes the guy from The Police. After a couple of decades of creative inspiration, he couldn’t summon a new song if his life depended on it – until he started writing about shipbuilders in Wallsend — writing in the remarkable Geordie dialect of the far northeast of England. Poetry emerged out of nowhere — and Sting now performs spoken word in his native accent. Check out his TED talk.

We need to get out of our own way too – perhaps go back to our own roots.

The world is coming unglued. Everywhere you look you can feel it. Something big and powerful is coming up fast behind us — and we have to get out of its way — and let it do what it must.


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