Happy ending?

Heaven and Hell are two sides of the same coin.

It’s been going round and around in Alene’s head – and neither one of us can place the exact context of the quote as she remembers it. She Google’d it with no success.

We don’t watch TV or go to the movies. We don’t do Netflix. And we haven’t checked out any DVDs from the library in ages. That leaves just podcasts and M*A*S*H – or a flashback from Doctor Who – which we haven’t watched in the last year. It’s driving Alene crazy because it’s the opening line of a monolog she’s sure is important.

There’s certainly a battle going on her head right now. She hasn’t been talking with me much lately – not freezing me out – just preoccupied with more Earthly troubles – like the UK bombing Syria – and a lot of angst at her job.

I’m able to take heart from what goes on my own head. If I can step into someone else’s head (and eyes and ears) simply by closing me eyes – then it’s easy for me to believe that we are not here by accident. So when Hell comes my way, I just tell it to sod off. Heaven usually reigns in Alene’s head too — but lately, Hell insists on being heard.

Alene remembered a horse she rode when she was young — a very solid, reliable, sturdy animal who could go flat out all day and not get tired. He was exactly the kind of horse you would have wanted in older times, if you had to ride twenty miles in pouring rain in the middle of the night to summon the doctor in an emergency. He would have got you there safely. But this horse had no time for the show ring. He showed utter contempt for the idea of jumping over painted poles in front of spectators — saw no point in it at all — and usually mis-behaved when asked to do it.

 Alene is getting tired of jumping over the painted poles — just wants to head out into the rain and go for the doctor. But she keeps being asked to jump over the painted poles — and is finding it harder and harder to behave….. Every day begins with her feeling the need to apologize for something she did the day before.

“Enough of this,” I insist. “There’s enough Hell out there without you encouraging it.”

I honestly believe there’s a happy ending for Earth — but maybe not in our lifetime.

One day, we will go to war for the last time…..


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