We (Mark and Alene) started this blog back in the spring shortly after Mark (accompanied by his buddy Allen) went down to the bottom of South America to experience living “off the grid” for a while on an island in Patagonia. Mark and I have an odd connection that allows us to communicate by a sort of telepathy that is an exchange of thoughts that can manifest as conversations in our heads. Mark is also able to see through my eyes and hear through my ears when he closes his own eyes and tunes in to my mind. I wish I had the capability myself, because it would be reassuring to see his face in a mirror and know there really is a person on the other end. Much of the time I worry that the conversations in my head are just my imagination — but they are more entertaining than most of the rubbish I used to watch on television — so I give myself permission to enjoy!!

For several months, Mark shared thoughts, observations and anecdotes on this blog via me actually doing the writing. In July, he and Allen left their island camp — Allen to return to Seattle and Mark to participate in a conference in Melbourne, Australia. Mark is still traveling. As of September 2015, his latest stop is Nuuk, Greenland — but he insists he will be returning to Seattle in the next few weeks. I have been in Seattle the whole time — leading my outwardly dull, humdrum life.

We have told some of our story in posts on this blog — and have concluded we are something like doppelgängers – and the nature of our connection precludes us being together in life, although our paths are allowed to cross — which is how we have enjoyed many years both living in Seattle.

Together we share a very whimsical sense of humor and a wild imagination that is sometimes punctuated by dark thoughts which are the product of our more traumatic experiences.

We rather like our handle, Radio Somewhere. And the sunset in the picture was photographed from near Alki Beach in West Seattle on Christmas Eve, 2014.

Mark returned to Seattle in the autumn of 2015.


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