The Imps

The Imps want us back.

It’s hard to describe who these Imps are. Anything Google turns up is only partly true. British Isles mythology knows lots of such creatures — but there is no one species that neatly correlates with our Imps.

Imps ARE pranksters — but not tricksters. They make mischief, but never out of malice — although it’s maddening when they hide things. Sometimes they will deliberately lead you astray — but later on you discover that they guided you away from almost certain harm. Imps are also great story-tellers and have a bone-dry sense of humor. They love cats.

Imps don’t have wings — but they can disappear and reappear at will — and so have no need of flight. They are also shape shifters — and often manifest as full-sized human adults. If you have ever worked with the public, you will have encountered Imps. They love to be around people — but prefer not to draw attention to themselves.

In the unannounced presence of Imps, people feel inexplicably happy.