Comforting messages

My return to Seattle has rattled Alene more than I expected — so today I left her alone to work at her computer most of the day. At my suggestion, she gave Coursera homework a rest in favor of working on a rather fun project we have been talking about for months. Using her brain seems to be keeping her grounded and centered right now. It might have been better if I’d timed my return for a week she’d be busy at work instead of on vacation.

Anyway, last night we listened to the first three episodes of The Message, a podcast we only just found — and when the message was played for the first time, Alene was amused at how comforting she found it.

The original theme music to Welcome To Nightvale (which was changed recently) is something else she has found comforting at the end of the day — no matter how bizarre the subject matter of the episode. (It also helps that Nightvale is blisteringly funny!)

It summons something of the feelings you get when you stare out at the night sky. After a while, you feel the bigness — and the coldness — and the emptiness of what makes up most of the “out there” — and it doesn’t make you feel small — quite the opposite — you become part of the bigness and the coldness and the emptiness — and while the troubles of Earth don’t go away — they are put in perspective — and you sense that we are not alone.

But if you spend too much time “out there”, you can drive yourself a little crazy — and then it’s good to have Earthbound projects to take your mind off things — which is what Alene has been doing lately — and I need to let her.